White Cloud Hojari

White Cloud Hojari

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White Cloud Hojari

Latin Name: Boswellia sacra
Common Name: Hojari Frankincense
Origin: Oman

White Cloud Hojari - 2 Ounces

Throughout our sorting process of hojari frankincense we have discovered a solid white crystallized resin which has a very sweet and light fragrance, and produces a much more subtle and calm smoke when burnt. 

The colors can range from solid white, solid yellow and solid green.  This crystallized resin are found during our sorting process, during the second sorting of Royal Hojari and Superior Hojari.

As part of our quality control and our desire to offer the best Royal Hojari and Superior Hojari possible, we separate these solid crystallized pieces into a collection of their own. 

Upon further examination we have concluded that this resin, because of it's light sweet subtleties, does indeed merit a classification grade of its own.

So here at NWI Trading Company, we are very proud to present an entirely new grade of hojari frankincense called "White Cloud Hojari".

The conditions are unknown at this time as to how or why these resins become hard and crystallized, but we are happy to offer it to those who wish to have a less smokey and more subtle frankincense experience. 

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