The Finest Frankincense Resins in the World!

NWI Trading Company strives to provide the finest grades frankincense in the world!  We import and hand sort all of our hojari frankincense resins from Oman and strive to offer the best quality for the best price.

 All of our resins are wild harvested from their sources, and all of our frankincense oils are steam distilled from wild harvested frankincense resins.  You can rest assured when you purchase from you are getting the highest quality and purity available.

  • We are a U.S. based company that imports and exports frankincense around the world!
  • We only work with suppliers of wild harvested resins, who respect the trees by not over harvesting.
  • We are located in Wanatah, Indiana.  We ship from the USA and also direct from Oman
  • We have been importing and exporting Frankincense resins since 2012
  • We are a family owned business, which also employs local workers
  • We are happy to supply wholesale frankincense and incense to other retail shops
  • We look forward to supplying more churches throughout the world.

Feel free to contact us at for any inquiries you may have!