Universal Grade Hojari
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Universal Grade Hojari

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Universal Grade Hojari Frankincense

Latin Name: Boswellia Sacra
Common Name: Hojari Frankincense, Universal Grade Hojari

We have a first of its kind Universal Grade Hojari Frankincense, now available in the USA.  This grade of Hojari Frankincense is the exact grade as the Church Grade Hojari yet is larger in size. 

These medium size pieces are ideal for both churches and health food stores and may be used to create health and beauty products, frankincense tea, frankincense balm, and may be used fine incense for incense church offerings, and fine frankincense for personal use.

The larger pieces make for a longer lasting incense on burning coals, and the size is a good size for using as a lozenge or chewing gum.

This grade of frankincense is a finer grade of frankincense that is many times superior to any church incense and frankincense available through church supply stores, and from what is available from health food supply stores throughout the USA.

  • Universal Grade Hojari is more fragrant than other types of church incense and church frankincense available in America.  
  • Universal Grade Hojari is identical to Church Grade Hojari, yet it is a larger size.
  • Better quality and grade of frankincense than any incense that is being offered in the church supply shops in the USA.
  • Makes an exceptional incense offering to the Lord
  • Emits an abundant and fragrant smoke that is both pleasant and calming
  • Hojari frankincense smoke is a comfortable smoke that is easy to breath, and does not cause dryness of the eyes.
  • Universal grade hojari has been priced to be attainable to the churches in the USA, by being offered at a compatible price per pound as other church incense.

Hojari frankincense is a very distinct frankincense which comes from the rare boswellia sacra tree.  However, hojari frankincense is a geographically specific term, as it specifically grows in the eastern region of the Dhofar desert in the mountains of Salalah, Oman.  The rich fragrance is created by the delicate geographic conditions of the mountains, the desert climate, and all combined with the seasonal monsoon called the Khareef, to create the best frankincense available.

Hojari frankincense It is believed to be the frankincense species brought to the Christ child by the wise men from the East, namely Royal Hojari, the greenest selection of the hojari frankincense grades.

Hojari frankincense is considered to be the finest frankincense available because it has one of the most unique fragrances of all the frankincense species in the world, and also emits a smoke that is calming and comfortable to breath in, which also does not cause watery or dry eyes.

This selection would be considered Superior Hojari frankincense grade, which has been additionally graded and sized to be the ideal size needed for using in a church incense burner with coal, or in a thurible. 

In addition to its excellent fragrance, due to the perfect size of Universal Grade Hojari it is also very clean, manageable, and generally bark free.  It can be easily pounded down for creating unique incense blends for Orthodox incense, for infusing and creating anointing oil, and for making traditional balms used to help support monasteries.

We have listed this high quality Universal Grade Hojari to be priced at a comparable price as other church incenses available, however the quality, size, and selection we are offering is the very first of its kind in the USA.  

The smoke from Univeral Grade Hojari makes an abundant long lasting smoke that will fill your sanctuary with a fine lingering offering.

We believe this frankincense creates a new opportunity within the church to have an exceptional frankincense as an incense offering to the Lord.  I have personally striven to make it not only available, but also attainable at a manageable price.

I wish to see this fine and attainable frankincense flourish within the church community, and appreciate any help in spreading the word about it to other priests, bishops and clergy about the wonderful work we are doing here at Frankincense.net



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