Spikenard Essential Oil

Spikenard Essential Oil

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Spikenard Essential Oil

Botanical name:  Nardostachys jatamansi
Origin:  Nepal

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Green Spikenard from Nepal in 3 ml (10 ml) sizes.  This oil creates a wonderful fragrance.  It is also known as "false valerian", as before its dry down time it is similar in odor to valerian root.  However after a dry down period, the spikenard fragrance is absolutely wonderful.

Spikenard essential oil is a wonderful essential oil with a wonderful history. This spikenard essential oil is steam distilled from Nardostachys jatamansi which is grown in the Himalayas of Nepal.

Spikenard since ancient times has been used for perfume and incense component throughout history.

In Christian tradition, It is recorded in all four canonical gospels, that spikenard was the very expensive oil used to anoint Jesus for his death,
prior to his death and resurrection.

Spikenard was an opulent perfume component in Rome and considered a luxury in ancient Egypt.  Spikenard was also used in ancient Greece as a perfume.

Another interesting fact about spikenard is its inclusion in the holy incense known as Ketoret in the Holy Temple in Israel.

Spikenard, or nard is also referred to in the Song of Songs, also known as the Song of Solomon.

In modern iconography, the spikenard plant has an appearance on the coat of arms of Pope Francis.

Spikenard is used in Ayurvedic herbal tradition in India. It is believed that spikenard is calming, can aid with sleep, and also help with depression.

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