Ponderosa Pine Essential Oil
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Ponderosa Pine Essential Oil

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Ponderosa Pine Essential Oil - 10 ml

Botanical Name: Pinus pondersoa
Common Name: Ponderosa Pine
Origin: Argentina

Ponderosa pine essential oil is made from the steam distillation of needles and twigs of the ponderosa pine tree.  The fragrance is light and fresh, and has a sweet note to it.

Ponderosa pine trees can live up to 400 years, and is native to the mountainous regions of Western North America.

The Ponderosa pine tree is the second most abundant tree in Oregon, and is also a Montana State Symbol.

The Ponderosa pine produces a wide range of agroforestry products, and is also an important for various types of wildlife, including porcupines.

The medicinal uses of Ponderosa Pine was employed by several Native American Tribes for its antiseptic properties, and to help with respiratory issues.

Native American tribes used the sweet inner bark of ponderosa pine as a highly nutritious food source that where used raw as chewing gum, baked into cakes, or used as a food flavoring.

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