Pinyon Pine Resin
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Pinyon Pine Resin

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Pinyon Pine Resin - Pinon Pine
Pinus Edulis

Capture the essence of the Southwest with Pinyon Pine Resin! 

Pinyon pine resin comes from the fascinating southwestern pinyon pine tree that grows throughout Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico. 

The pine pinyon resin has been used as an incense additive, and herbal remedy for centuries among the Native Americans.

This resin is perfect for making balms, adding to incense blends, or for any traditional uses of pinyon pine.

Pinyon pine is an important part of the southwestern ecology, and has a rich and fascinating history. 

The pinyon tree produces much needed desert shade and shelter, and its pine nuts contain a very high protein food source of 18 gm per cup!  This food source is very important part of the desert ecosystem, and the pinyon tree shares an almost symbiotic relationship with the Pinyon Jay! 

Pinyon Pinyon pine nuts were also once traded on the Chicago Board of Exchange, and are an important cultural heritage food to Southwestern Native Americans.

The pinyon tree has so much to offer, and I look forward to providing more information about its heritage, history, benefits, and of course many more sustainable pinyon pine products!

This pinyon pine resin proudly and sustainably wild harvested in the USA!  

*Incense warmers are recommended for this low melt point resin.


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