Marsielle Thieves - Four Thieves of Marsielle Blend
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Marsielle Thieves - Four Thieves of Marsielle Blend

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Marsielle Thieves - Four Thieves of Marsielle Blend

  • Blend of Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Cassia and Cinnamon Oils.
  • Wonderful blend of oils smells like Christmas cookies.
  • Based on the 15th Century French account of the Four Thieves of Marsielle
  • Concentrated oil blend that is ready to be used in essential oil diffusers.
  • Pleasant home fragrance!
Marsielle Thieves, also know as the Four Thieves of Marsielle, is based off a 15th century legend about four successful French thieves who were looting victims during the Plague. 
According to legend, when the thieves were apprehended, they were found to be unaffected by the plague despite their considerable occupational hazards.
Seeing they were sentenced to death by fire, they were offered a form of clemency if they were to reveal their secret. 
They ultimately revealed to the judge their concoction of aromatic herbs that they had blended and carried on themselves during their exploits.
Ironically, their remedy could not save their necks from the demise of the gallows, as the clemency granted them was only in form that they were to be hung by their necks instead of being burned alive.
One thing is for sure, this aromatic blend smells great!  If your house is feeling stuffy or has a stale air about, this blend will spice it up with the pleasant fragrance of clove and cinnamon!
This is a popular essential oil blend that is used in oil diffusers and is used to make fragrant household cleaners.

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