Frankincense Powder - Boswellia Papyrifera
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Frankincense Powder - Boswellia Papyrifera

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Frankincense Powder - Boswellia Paypyrifera

Botanical Name: Boswellia payprifera 
Common Name:  Ethiopian Frankincense
Origin: Ethiopia


We are happy to now offer Ethiopian Frankincense powder, or boswellia papyrifea. This is a high grade frankincense is traditionally used in Orthodox and Catholic churches!  

Key Features of Ethiopian Frankincense

  • Believed to be one of the Holy Ketoret incense ingredients used in the Holy Temple built by Solomon in Israel
  • The smoke releases insensole acetate, which has been shown to cause calmness during times of stress and anxiety
  • Traditional frankincense used in many Orthodox and Catholic churches
  • Can be crushed and powdered for making of traditional healing balms.

This is the main ingredient in many church incenses, including Catholic blends and Orthodox incense typically made throughout monasteries on Athos Island.

This resin is also know as Livani in Greek, and it is called Tamjan in Serbian and it is used in Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries.

This resin is crushed into fine powder when creating traditional scented Orthodox incense.  Different fragrances are added to the powdered resin, then it is turned into a paste with oils and water, and cut into small squares for burning.

The powdered resin is also used to make balms and health products.

It is believed that Queen Sheba was from Ethiopa.  It is also believed that the gifts of incense she had brought to King Solomon before she became Solomon's wife, had been gifts of Ethiopian frankincense.  Therefore it has been speculated that this type of frankincense was possibly the original frankincense used in the Ketoret incense offered in the Holy Temple in Israel.  The Holy Temple was first built during the reign of King Solomon, the son of King David.

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