Frankincense Bark - Boswellia Sacra Tree Bark
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Frankincense Bark - Boswellia Sacra Tree Bark

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When frankincense is harvested, small scrapes are made on the frankincense tree to allow the frankincense resin to flow.  When the frankincense is harvested small pieces of bark are usually on some of the pieces of frankincense resin.

After sorting the resins by size, grade, and color, we had quite a bit of frankincense bark remaining.

I have found that the frankincense bark remnants can be utilized and are very useful for many applications.  Some of the bark even has frankincense resin still attached to it!

This bark can be used in the following ways:

  • burning as incense
  • used in incense production
  • making tea
  • infusing in carrier oil
  • used in balm making
  • used in making tinctures

The fragrance of the bark, and the bark ground into a powder is very splendid.  The woodsy note of the frankincense bark adds new possibilities to your fragrance blends.  

I am also offering these two ounce packs of frankincense bark ground up into powder form in this listing.

Frankincense bark has been used in many cultures as a stand alone incense, and has also been specifically used in some cultures for herbal remedies apart from the typical frankincense resin.  

Information is slowly growing on the benefits of frankincense bark.  The initial reception is that it may have additional properties not found in the frankincense resin alone.

This is a limited time offer, as the bark is the results of sorting of raw frankincense resin right here in the USA.

If this product is well received and in demand, it will help fund the importing of more raw and unsorted resins from Oman.  The sorting process is very intricate, and time consuming and tends to yield more commercial grade resins, powders, and bark.


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